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Queerness, for us, means any person falling underneath the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and adjacent communities.

Below are links for queer people, parents of queer youth, those in difficult situations and folks who would like more community connection for the 2SLGBTQIA+ and ally population.  This list is always growing;  click the drop-downs to learn more.

The G, a part of Fort Lewis College focuses on events for the students at Fort Lewis, but also educating the public surrounding the school - all while inviting allies and supporters to see what the LGBTQ students have been working on.  The G has put on art showcases, drag shows, etc, while also providing support across communities, safe genderqueer spaces, and exclusively queer events.   The G puts themselves at the forefront of queer education in the area

Oh, Planned Parenthood.  We love you.  Free HIV testing, education, and resources.  Gender-affirming healthcare.  Harm reduction services like fentanyl testing strips and safe-sex-before-and-after-care.  You offer so much to the LGBTQIA+ of Durango, La Plata, and the Southwest at large.  Thank you PPDGO!

The RYC provides resources to LGBTQIA+ youth and parents in Durango Colorado and the American Southwest.  Their passion for creating spaces for education and growth within our community is beyond inspiring.  Thank you RYC for all that you do!

The Hive offers art, music, and skate lessons while facilitating a sober conscious space for kids and teens to be themselves.  Utilizing their space for all types of creative endeavors, we consider The Hive to be a community pillar.  Punk shows, comedy, drag, and indoor skating, you could say they have fun.

Do you vape, bro? Lots of us too.  We don't necessarily love it, either.  Did you know LGBTQ+ individuals are targeted much more aggressively in tobacco and alcohol advertising?  Learn more about quitting tobacco, its effects on the queer community, and creating healthier coping skills. 

Tobacco use runs rampant within the LGBTQIA+ communities.  We want to stop it.  But how?  Learning how it started, why vulnerable communities are targeted, and arming ourselves with knowledge, that's how.  Together we can learn how to quit tobacco products.   

Sexual Assault Services Organization 24 Hour hotline • 970-247-5400; Confidential, anonymous services.  SASO provides advocacy through those in need of resources surrounding S/A.  Support groups, cultural outreach, and well researched information on the facts vs myths of sexual assault can be found here.  The link above will direct you to the Durango SASO website.

Sasha's Rainbow of Hope is an LGBTQIA organization in Farmington, NM provides quality connections with the queer population in Durango.  Affiliated with the Alphabet Mafia, both of these organizations are hard at work to provide events, culture and friendship throughout Northern New Mexico and beyond.  

The Alphabet Mafia, founded in 2023, works in conjunction with Sasha's Rainbow of Hope in providing quality events with a focus on sobriety, connection, and gratitude in Farmington, NM.  From movie nights to volleyball meet-ups, the Alphabet Mafia is hard at work in connecting rural queer community members.

Alternative Horizons is the primary nongovernmental provider of nonresidential services for survivors of domestic violence in La Plata and San Juan Counties, providing help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This organization is incredible in providing advocacy, support, and resource to those experiencing DV and other forms of abuse.

Oak Tree Youth Resources has worked with hundreds of youth who cannot live at home due to many reasons, such as parental substance abuse, neglect, turning age 18, or youth pregnancy.  Oak Tree supports youth with their basic needs, education, employment, and housing instability.  They work to make a difference for the youth in the SouthWest.

4STAR, 4Corners Support for Transgender people, Allies, and Relatives, provides twice a month support groups as well as periodic networking, problem solving, and education for people living in the 4 Corners on what it means to be a transgender man or woman or a gender expansive person, and how to create inclusive policies for schools, work places, health care and community services.


Our mission is to create communities where each individual is celebrated for who they are and helped to get their needs met.  

This list is offered through Durango, Colorado's own tourism website.  Not all businesses have been thoroughly checked, so please visit carefully.  The Alliance is working on an exhaustive list of businesses who have passed Ally Business Training programs - we'll keep you posted!

The New York Public Library has released a Transgender & Non-Binary focused book list for Adults, Teens, and Kids.  These books deal with themes relating to being trans or gender-nonconforming and are written by members of the community.

This one is just for fun.  It is one crouton, for you, our friend.  Enjoy.

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Useful documents, etcetera.  Our resource page will keep growing as long as we are an organization.  Keep checking back!


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