Our Volunteer Board


Stephen O'Brien (he/him)

Stephen moved to Durango in 2008; in 2021 he signed up to help The Alliance plan Pride. The community he found within the town became a family, and his short-term volunteering gig became a long term commitment.  Stephen as resource development, makes sure we have what we need to bring the Southwest Queer community together.  Go Stephen!


Vice Chair:
Brooke Henderson (she/her)

Brooke Henderson is a passionate advocate 

for diversity and inclusion in the tourism industry. With an infectious enthusiasm, she works hard to ensure visitors feel welcome at every touchpoint along their journey in Durango.  Brooke is an avid outdoor enthusiast who loves running with her furry friend and relaxing in her yard with her family.


Board Member:

 Annie Dulaney (she/her)

Annie  graduated from The Fort and decided to make Durango her home. When she is not working you can often find her at the Durango Dog Park or Oxbow Park trying to exhaust her Husky, Yeti.  As our Youth & Family resources chair, Annie plays a very important role in helping create safe avenues for growth among queer youth, and resources for parents navigating their child's identity.


Board Member:

Blair Martinez (he/him)

Blair, our internal wellness chair, transplanted from Arizona and found himself with us here in Durango Colorado.  His passion for creating spaces aimed at the safety and security of the community are what led him to volunteering for The Alliance.  He loves spending time with his two doggies and husband; they always are finding new adventures!  His role has been crucial in the communication of the group, and he always finds ways to make us better as a whole. 


Board Member:

Andy Mathews (he/they)

Andy is a funky queer in the Durango area with a passion for creating and cultivating harmonious spaces for sweetie-pies to exist. He brings cheer and laughter to the board as well as a unique talent for marketing and design, just please don't ask him to do social media...  He is a stand-up comedian and performs at various events throughout the year.  He doesn't want you to know anything else about him, except:  you can catch him hula-hooping, climbing, thinking about stuff, or walking his doggy in the mountains at any given time.  If you have any really good mocktail recipes, please send them his way!  


Board Member

Liza Williams (she/her)

Liza is the 6th generation of her family to reside her in Durango.  She has been volunteering with events for The Alliance since she was 18 years old.  She serves on the board because everyone has a right in their community to feel safe, respected, recognized, included, and most importantly, heard. 


LOA Board Member

JoAnn Smotherman (she/her)

JoAnn values community and has always made a habit of serving the community. When she had the opportunity to leave Texas, she spent three years picking the perfect town, and found Durango. As soon as she got here, she searched for and found The Alliance and reported for duty.  She organizes our group, offers great insight, and has done so much for The Alliance.  Thank you Joann!



Brian Joy (he/him)

Brian found the Durango queer community at The Alliance's First Friday Happy Hour. That first event introduced him to the Durango family of queers;  he’s been an active member in the community ever since. He served The Alliance Board as Chair for a year before passing the reigns off. He now serves as an advisor and mentor.

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