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The Alliance & local organizations, businesses, and city planners collaborate on projects to strengthen the bond between the queer community and all Southwest residents.  Here are some of the events you can find us at throughout the year:


Our biggest, most notorious event all year.  Visit our PRIDE page!

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Winter PRIDE 

Winter PRIDE for the Alliance has been a small, weekend festival to celebrate and remind our community that we can have pride all year around!  This festival usually features a Winter Wonderland dance, happy hours, and live entertainment.  Last but not least, you know we have to get out and play in the snow in the mountains.  Queer snowpeople, they exist.

Visit our PRIDE 2023 page for information on our notorious Fall Pride Festival.

World AIDS Day 

The Alliance partnered with the YAY! Foundation to bring a comedy/drag fundraiser, along with an amazing comedy workshop. 

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COMET Training

Changing our Mental and Emotional Trajectory, or COMET, is training for responding to those in vulnerable situations.  This training focuses on rural and agricultural communities, and provides in-depth insight to reacting without fixing, but rather support and understanding. 

*Please contact for more info on becoming registered for COMET training.  Currently available to our board members.

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Past Events

An archive of past gatherings, started in 2023.

2023 Nov 20, 6-7pm

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Please join us alongside our companion organization and Transgender support non-profit 4Star to honor, remember, grieve, support and respect our trans siblings.  Although many have been lost, many are still with us, and this day (among all days) is an opportunity to tell them, "We see you.  You are valid. you will not be ignored or forgotten."  Please contact us for more information.

2023 Nov 28-Dec 2

The Alliance & YAY! Foundation's

World AIDS Day Events

Please visit our World AIDS Day Page to learn more.  We are offering a comedy workshop to those diagnosed with, affected by, or working alongside the HIV+ community.  We are also preparing a comedy + drag showcase, featuring Aria PettyOne and NBC Peacock's Aidan Park.

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